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About Us


We at ( create art out of ordinary things, with dedication and creativity, and sell it.

( is a platform to an extraordinary artists who specialize in making Handmade art  as a mosaic, ceramics & Art on ostrich eggs.

Our workshop located in Mount Nebo in Jordan was a highly famous attraction for the tourists.

The earning for our artists came from their appreciation and purchase. Although after the surge of COVID-19, we closed our workshop and created this website to stay in touch with the mosaic lovers and the All the people who living worldwide.

We want to show our love for all of the world  through our art & through our soul. Creating the work of art and delivering the quality mosaic artworks at your doorstep within 2-4 weeks worldwide.

What we are...

We are promoters of art and artists. Each of our art is created with love, devotion, and hard work that the art itself reflects. Our mosaic artworks are handcrafted with extreme care and precision using the inspiration from old churches & from Our history .

The money made with the selling of art goes directly to support the artists. They specialize in different mosaic art designs, ceramics pieces, and even ostrich eggs. Our artists also craft custom-made mosaics as you request and vision, be it the design, color, material, or size of the artwork. With exceptional quality and designs, we deliver them to you no matter wherever you are!

Our Mission...

Our mission is to deliver the message of Our art to the world with the efforts and help of passionate handicapped artists from all over Jordan. To deliver quality artwork with handcrafted custom made mosaic, ceramics, and ostrich eggs in your home’s safety to stay for a generations .