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Black Iris With Olive Leaves

Black Iris With Olive Leaves

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60 Hours of A handmade mosaic-ceramic art piece, created by our artisans which represent the Black Iris with Olive Leaves, The Black iris represents Jordan’s national Flower.
  • Size of the piece: 40cm * 40cm
  • Wight: 1-1.25 Kg.

While it exists for making art on the Clay Ceramics in the world, the method used in Jordan is exclusive “The mosaic dotting”, which reproduces the aspect of the mosaic art.
The steps of making (Mosaic-Ceramic ) as the following :

  • 1) Bring the clay, the raw material from Dead Sea mud.
  • 2) Shape the pottery, Plate, Vase & Cups
  • 3) During the Shape is wet, we start to use the power of the limestones & mix them with watercolor.
  • 4) By using a needle we start to dotted the powder of the stones on the clay shape
  • 5) When we finish our work, we start to glaze the shape and put it on a special Ken for 12-15 Hours
  • 6) After 48 Hours of the first glaze process, we glaze it again for 6 Hours.

Our mosaic-Ceramic is food safe, also oven microwave and dishwasher safe finished product can be used inside or outside.
A Certificate comes with it about the types of stones & The signature of the artist will be on the back of it, the Picture & the Bio of the artist will be sent to you with this piece of art.

Shipping Time: 5-8 Working Days.

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